Hi! I'm Heather, a constantly learning Developer with the goal of creating websites that are thoughtfully designed and accessible for all.

I've most recently spent my time honing my coding skills at places such as Juno College, Wesbos, and SuperHi. Helping me utilize those skills and create some of the projects below has been my experience with managing the merchandising needs of high volume retail stores. My familiarity with time-sensitive and collaborative environments allows me to find creative solutions both within and outside the code.

Away from my laptop I can be found exploring locally and globally, riding my bike, and talking way too much about my cat.

clouds during sunset tinted with purple and orange heather walking on hill with view of lighthouse and water in distance mosaic floor with shoes of photographer


Where Can I see...?

Pulls a randomly generated selection of art based on user input from the collections of two museums. Allows user to 'heart' pieces and tells them which museum they should visit based on which had the most selected pieces. Built in React, powered by the Harvard Art Museums API and Rijksmuseum API.

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React / API / CSS3 / HTML5

desktop screenshot of Where Can I See project mobile screenshot of Where Can I See project

Trivia Quest

Paired programming project conceptualized and built with Lucas Sibernagel. Trivia app that tests user's knowledge in the six Trivial Pursuit categories. Created with jQuery and utilizes a namespacing pattern organization. Questions pulled from the Open Trivia Database API.

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jQuery / Javascript / API / HTML5

desktop screenshot of Trivia Quest project mobile screenshot of Trivia Quest project

Nonna's Lasagna

Game in which user races against the clock to eat as much of Nonna's lasagna as possible. When time is up, alert displays a message from Nonna depending on how much lasagna was eaten. Built with jQuery, JavaScript and SCSS.

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jQuery / Javascript / Sass / HTML5

desktop screenshot of Nonna's Lasagna project mobile screenshot of Nonna's Lasagna project


Multi-page PSD conversion project made with only Sass and HTML. Utilizes CSS flexbox and CSS grid to create a fully responsive custom design.

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Sass / CSS3 / HTML5

desktop screenshot of Sunshine project mobile screenshot of Sunshine project


VS Code
Responsive Design